Email Forensics / Deleted Email Recoveryin New York

Nothing can turn the tide like a “smoking gun” email – one of our specialties.

We excel at recovering deleted emails from computer hard drives, online webmail systems, tablets and smartphones. Additionally, we can recover email metadata, contact information, erased files and images – if it’s there to be found, we can find it.

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Many Sources for Email Evidence

Erasing or deleting an email doesn’t necessarily mean that an email is gone forever. Emails can often be extracted after deletion. Additionally, it is common for organizations, like banks or brokerage firms, to have retention policies in place, or even email archiving for regulatory purposes, storing email evidence for years in a searchable, retrievable format. Emails may reside on servers unknown to the user, or on backup tapes that were created during the normal course of business. Further, with the rise of mobile devices, emails can exist in multiple locations, not just on a desktop or laptop computer.

New York Computer Forensics has recovered emails from all types of computer systems, servers, webmail systems and smartphones. We typically can recover deleted emails, email metadata, as well as contact lists, scheduling information, mailing and call logs, data that is cached, etc.

Recovering Email from Computers and Drives

The best way to get deleted emails is to do a full forensic analysis of the suspect computer or hard drive and extract EVERYTHING – deleted files, pictures, logs, etc. – as well as emails.

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Recovering Email from Mobile Phones

Phones are full of data and potential evidence. New York Computer Forensics performs a full mobile phone forensic analysis and extracts EVERYTHING from the phone – emails, text messages, images, etc.

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Recovering Email from Webmail Services

In addition to email messages, webmail services often have scheduling and calendar data, contact lists, as well as cached and temporary files of emails composed on the system. We have accessed and recovered email-based evidence from private webmail servers, corporate email systems and servers, as well as commercial web-based email providers.

Recovering webmail can be a  complicated process depending on the parties involved. Please contact New York Computer Forensics to discuss your requirements.

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Our Clients

New York Computer Forensics works with clientele from all sectors, ranging in size from small graphic design firms, to Fortune 500 companies.

  • The Securities and Exchange Commission
  • NASA
  • The City of New York
  • AES Energy
  • PSE&G
  • Senior Aerospace
  • Stonybrook University Hospital
  • NY State Department of Corrections
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • American Stock Exchange
  • Medstar
  • and more